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Saad Salt Products is the Leading Manufacturer of Himalayan Salt lamps , We  have always maintained high standards through quality, reliability and service. We are exporting Salt Products to different countries around the globe for the last 18 years.
We offer unbeatable Prices with top quality Products and excellent services. Our purpose built factory is well equipped with latest machines and highly skilled workers to produce these beautiful and stunning Salt Lamps. We are successfully exporting our products to USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Korea and Spain.

We have the capacity to execute bulk orders in any size, shape or weight. We welcome any requirement of Himalayan salt products in any shape, size and quantity.


crystal salt helps to cure many diseases. Bio-energotherapists and homeopaths in Western Europe have recommended crystal salt lamps for a long time to support treatment of allergies, respiratory system and blood system diseases. They are often used in the treatment of rheumatism. Due to its beautiful and rich colors, salt
lamps are also used in color therapy, i.e. chromo therapy. Their soothing light helps neurotic persons and people suffering from insomnia.


The curing properties of salt were proven by the fact that salt miners much more rarely suffer from respiratory system diseases. Long term scientific research on the effect of salt mine microclimate on human health has resulted in establishing this product in markets today.

As a result the Salty Lamps improves the quality of our environment, and thus our well-being. Our well-being and efficiency are dependant on the air we breathe. Air
consists of many electrically charged particles – positively, negatively charged or neutral particles. The quality of air we breath depends on the kind of electrical charge and concentration of ions.

Today, when artificial products of civilization surround us, natural salt lamp is a unique product, worth to be had at home.